By Baylin Dawson, Mackenzie Pickard, Baylee White & Kooper Bogenschutz

The seventh grade ‘Necks opened the season last week with a 12-6 win at home over the Eagles.  

Carter Gann rushed for two touchdowns, 45 and 55 yards respectively in the win. 

“It was my first game and it was a pretty cool experience,” Gann said. “On one of the touchdowns I ran the ball to the right side and managed to get in for the score. The defensive line had started to double team me so we had to make some adjustments. In the end we got it done.” 

On the night, Scott Breitenberg rushed 40 yards and Gann added 125 yards.  

“I thought we started out pretty well first half and then in the second half the heat started to affect us and we were slowing down,” Breitenberg said. “We’re going to have to work on not getting so worn down in practice and be mentally tough.” 

On the Defensive side, Gann had 10 tackles with three of those for a loss and Lucas Frazier had three tackles for a loss. Other defensive standouts include, Brenner Kneifl, Ethan Garza, Collin Wheat. 

‘’It was good to get a win. The kids kept saying after the game, ‘that’s the first game we’ve won since fourth grade!’, Coach Ron Boyett said.’’Defensively, we made a lot of negative plays and really disrupted their offense. Offensively, we have to continue to work on our blocking and develop our passing game.’’ 

The Roughnecks will host Spring Hill on Thursday with game time set for 4:30 p.m.