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Lobue Takes Learning to a New Level

By Kaylee Wilkinson Angie Lobue went from teaching her stuffed animals as a child to living out her passion as a reading teacher. “When I was a little girl I would teach my stuffed animals,’’ Lobue said. ”I would sit the animals in a circle and read to them.” Lobue has had an interest in teaching her whole life. As a kid growing up she wanted to be many other things, but mainly a teacher. “I feel students can’t learn as well if they don’t feel loved and respected by teachers,’’ Lobue said. Engaging and caring teachers inspired her...

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Book Club Members Gear Up to Watch Movie Premiere

By Asha Perkins and Kaylee Wilkinson The WOMS Book Club continues reading the book, ‘Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library’ each week. Students are focusing on the main character Kyle Keely. Kyle loves playing games with his brothers and he especially likes games invented by Mr. Lemoncello. He also discovers that he and Mr. Lemoncello have a lot in common, including where they live and a love for books.  ‘Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library’ premiered as a Nickelodeon movie on October 9.  A viewing party is planned in the next few weeks for Book Club members.   “The club will get to watch the movie as an added extra and Skype with author, Chris Grabenstein, at the end of January,” Cooper said. Book Club meets on Friday in the campus Media Center....

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Tech Club Designs Coral Reef for Real World Project

By Kaylee Wilkinson and Madison Balboa The Roughneck tech club kicked off the year with around 120 students participating in grades sixth through eighth. Students are currently in the middle of a three week project on designing a variety of coral specimens and construct their own artificial reef using Instructables and Tinkercad. “We are currently working on a 3D challenge designing coral,” Media Specialist Michelle Cooper said.’’We’re taking a real world problem into perspective.’’ The students are using a 3D design ‘’Tinkercad’’ to design their objects and when the student perfect their design they will export their 3D file to the printer. “I like 3D printing the most because it’s actually really fun to program and really fun to use,’’ eighth grader Brianna Beamer said. As students research types of coral, they will choose a design type with linear symmetry, radial symmetry, or fractal to focus on. In the next few weeks, students will have a showcase to share their creations with the public. Tech Club meets three day each week with one day dedicated to each of the grade levels. The next meeting is tomorrow for eighth grade at 10:55 a.m. in the Library.       ...

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