Author: Emma Raney

Escape Room Offers Fresh Approach to Learning

By Emma Raney Sixth grade reading teacher Angie Lobue is taking on an unorthodox method of teaching: an Escape Room. Mrs. Lobue is using this fresh approach to teach the various required TEKs. Lobue has designed two of these clue hunts so far. “The goal for this was critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving;” Lobue said, “These are crucial to breaking out.” Lobue used various methods of giving clues. The students have to find things, solve riddles, work in teams, and even search with blacklights in order to get a combination or key for a lock. For example, she...

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Discussion of Winter Formal on StuCo Agenda

By Emma Raney The WOMS Student Council is working on organizing a dance for the middle school that could take place as early as December 9. “We’ve never had a dance before,” StuCo Vice President Emma Raney said. “We want to stay within school rules, but we really want this to be a fun time for our students.” The dance will feature a ‘Winter Wonderland’ masquerade for singles or couples. Dress code and PDA rules will be enforced at the dance, and there will be an appropriate music playlist. There are minimum specifics planned out, but the officers are still working with administration on the basics. Tickets are projected to be $2 and proceeds may benefit Olivia Hale’s Smile Surgery. “We hope to get some of the planning done in enough time to reserve the venue and refreshments,” StuCo Parliamentarian Azhure Landers said. “That is part of the reason we went with a date that is closer to Christmas instead of Halloween, which was our original idea.”...

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