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Tip of the ‘Cap’ to Mario Odyssey

By Andrew Rolland and Emma Raney The new Nintendo Switch comes with a plethora of new and improved games. One that has joined the roster is Mario Odyssey, an open world platformer; polished and great fun for the whole family. The player’s character is Mario (and the second player is Cappy), and the goal of the game is to get moons to power the airship and rescue Princess Peach for the 29th time from the game’s main boss, Bowser. With the help of Cappy, Mario must go through obstacles such as the Broodals, a dragon, and ultimately, Bowser. With...

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Round Goes the Carousel

By Andrew Rolland and Ethan Grammer For the past two weeks the eighth grade Pre-AP Reading classes have been working to make horses for a carousel showcasing their fears and desires.The horses represent two sides–one focusing on fears and the other on desires. Now that the whole class has completed the assignment, eighth grade ELA teacher, Mrs. Kim Iske has attached each horse to a mini carousel for everyone’s viewing pleasure. “Since the novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes, has a major focus on a carousel that can make people older or younger according to their desires (which often...

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History Lesson Inspires Students to Recreate Native American Period

By Ethan Grammer and Andrew Rolland For the past two weeks, eighth grade students have been working and creating old Native American houses as a part Coach Steve Gillispie’s U.S. History Class. “I wanted the classes to learn about the living conditions of the Native Americans and what the early explorers saw when they arrived in the Americas,”Gillispie said The requirements for this project were to build either an adobe house, an igloo, or a longhouse. Students were asked to use everyday household items to make the houses. Some students used their creativity and included sticks and pine needles...

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