By Jenna Crum

Over summer breaks, students lose too much information from the previous year, causing teachers to spend the first few months of the new school year reteaching material. This is an issue for students in schools everywhere, but there is a solution  to help solve this problem that is causing money, time, and resources to be wasted.

With breaks more than five weeks long, students lose information that they spent learning during the school year. Overall, a little over a month of teaching is lost over the summer.  Research shows that most of this information is math skills, followed by Reading and English. Signs of memory loss over the summer has been proven from grade one, and teachers could spend approximately six weeks at the beginning of the year reteaching old material, taking up the time that can be used for learning new things.

A simple solution can help bring back this time and information lost over the long summer break. Because summer break is nine weeks long, some of those days devoted to the summer weeks can be moved to other breaks such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Spring break. Now I know what you’re thinking: Why would we give up some perfectly good weeks during our summer breaks just so we can have more time at school? But really, the students and teachers aren’t losing any of these week, they’re actually just being moved to a different time of the year. Instead of having one week for Spring break, you’ll have two weeks for a vacation. That way, summer break won’t be as long (you get a little bored at the end anyway), and you’ll get a longer break when you really want it, right in the middle of the year.

If some teachers or administrators find it hard to make a long break like Christmas break even longer, the extra days can be put in when there is not a break. All in all, most people would disagree that a shorter summer break is a bad idea, I mean, who doesn’t want the most time possible before going back to school? But we need to keep in mind the time and effort it takes to reteach the material that gets lost over the summer, and put in the effort to work towards a more successful school year.