Story by Lexi Palmer; Photos by Lexi Palmer & Mitzi Neely

It’s that time of the year again and Mini Santaland is open for business. This place is filled with lots of glistening lights and plenty of happiness. If you like to see all of the beautiful lights in one place, then Mini Santaland is the place for you.

“I’ve always wanted to see the Christmas lights,” Chloe Bates said. “Mini Santaland has always been a place that I’ve wanted to go to and I think this year may be the year I will go. I really believe that everybody who loves Christmas should go experience the fun.”

Just like Bates, I strongly influence everyone who enjoys Christmas to go see these outstanding lights. It’s free of charge and donations can be made along the route.  This is the perfect place to celebrate the Christmas holidays with friends and family.

“I’ve been the last three years,” Mitzi Neely says, “And I’ve been several times each year. It is a wonderful attraction that’s free to families and it’s well done.”

Mini Santaland is open until January 6, 2019, so there’s still time after Christmas to enjoy this activity.   

“I think it’s really cool how they do it for everyone and it doesn’t cost any money,” Kenzie Jester said. “It’s one good thing for everyone to enjoy for Christmas. It’s a good way to spend time with your family and to enjoy the Christmas holidays.”

If you get bored on the weekend and have nothing else to do, invite a few friends to go enjoy a hot chocolate and go drive through these stunning lights. You would most likely be very shocked to see all of the amazing things that people can do with lots of colorful lights.

It’s a lot of fun and it’s affordable for everyone. Take some friends and enjoy a really good time. Unlike some Santalands, they are open even when it’s raining. Overall Mini Santaland is a great place to visit.