Story by Alexis Henson

Christmas time is a stressful, joyful, and thankful time of year. Everywhere you go you see people stuffing their carts with toys, clothes, and treats.Sometimes, we don’t know what to get for someone and that adds even more stress. But don’t worry,  here are 7 simple gifts for anyone.

#1- Bath bomb, body soap, lotion, or body spray.

  • This gift idea is good for any age
  • Can be used for males and females
  • Cheap
  • Easy to wrap/prepare, put in box/bag
  • You will most likely find these together in a kit

#2- Cookies/candy

  • Good for anyone who has a sweet tooth
  • Recipes vary so can be gifted to anyone no matter what food allergies they may have
  • Easy to find/make
  • Everyone loves some good snacks
  • cheap

#3- Socks

  • Everyone needs socks
  • Get some aloe infused ones for dry feet
  • Cheap

#4- candles

  • Good for most ages
  • Lots of scents to choose from

#5- Gift cards

  • Easy to get
  • Everyone can use it
  • Can get to any place

#6- Blankets

  • Can be expensive but you will most likely find some for under $10
  • Everyone needs more blankets, especially during winter
  • Lots of patterns/textures to choose from

#7- Book

  • Can be very cheap
  • Lots of options
  • Almost everyone needs a book from time to time