Story by: Kenzie Jester, Survey results: Holden Hodges, Quotes: Branson Scott

Thanksgiving, the holiday centered around giving thanks and gratitude is almost here. The holiday became a reality in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed Thanksgiving as a holiday because of a series of editorials written by Sarah Josepha Hale. Then on December 26, 1941, Congress passed a law making Thanksgiving the fourth Thursday of November.

Most people say food and fellowship are their favorite parts of Thanksgiving. Many families go all out preparing favorite dishes for the big day.

“We eat a lot food and it is the best time to spend with family,” eighth grader Trinity Noll said.

Others enjoy thanksgiving for the time off from school, family vacations and down time.

“We go to my grandma’s and meet up with my whole family,” eighth grader Lexi Palmer said. “We eat then play games afterwards.”

Thanksgiving Traditions

“Every Thanksgiving my family and I get together as a family and we have a big party, eat a lot of turkey, and play a lot of games.” Branson Scott

“We celebrate Thanksgiving with a special lunch, take family pictures and fellowship. It’s a great day to celebrate what we’re thankful for.” Mrs. Mitzi Neely

“On Thanksgiving we all meet at my grandparents house and have a big special lunch.” Trinity Noll

“I like sitting down at the little kids table to make fun of my little brother.” Alexis Henson