By Caleb Scott 

The White Oak eighth grade Ladynecks ‘B’ team dominated another district game, improving their record to 6-0 in district. The Ladynecks won in two sets 25-3, 24-9.

Kahlen Reed and Emma Teague lead all scores with six serves each. Together they contributed 12 points in the win.

“The ball didn’t really come over much, but for the most part we were ready. We need to get to the net more often though,” Reed said, “We did pretty good and we had good serves and the ball didn’t come back over. For the most part we played good on defense.”

Mackenzie Goode had two serves, Lucy Phan had four,  Whitni Rayson added another serve, and Bree Able added five.

“I feel we did well, but we could have defended our spot more,” Goode said, “We did good, but they didn’t serve the ball that much, so it wasn’t a very fast, intense game.”

Next Monday the Lady Necks will travel to Gladewater to take on the Lady Bears at 5:30.