Story by Mackenzie Goode & Avery Spencer, Photos by Chloe Bates 

The Ladynecks defeated the Harmony 25-13,  25-9 in a key district matchup.

“We won, but Harmony sure did keep us on our toes. First game they were catching up, but we scored four points, took the lead and the win. In the game two Harmony made some mistakes which allowed the Ladynecks to get ahead and stay ahead,”  

Anna Iske, back from a hand injury, was the top server for the Ladynecks with eight and she added four kills.

“I think we were a little intimidated by this team because it is the only good team we have played this year other than Gladewater,” Anna said. “We didn’t let it get to us. We were more mentally tough and got the win.”

Both A and B teams played tough and showed up to the games ready to play. Harmony gave the Ladynecks a run for their money, but playing together as a team paid off.

“We definitely have things we need to work on, but overall I think we did pretty good,” Lexi Palmer said, “ We don’t have trouble with much, but the biggest thing is communication and simple things like that.”

The girls will be back in action on Monday, Oct. 8 against the Sabine Lady Cardinals at 5:00 p.m.