Game Review by Andrew Rolland

Celeste is a tough as nails, extremely hard, but rewarding hand-crafted platformer where you jump and dash through the mysterious Celeste mountain. Madeline the main protagonist climbs up the mountain trying to find her true self, while sometimes meeting up with Theo, an aspiring photographer, who came to the mountain to take pictures.

At the beginning of the game you jump into this beautiful pixel platformer and dash through the simple, but difficult level trying to collect every strawberry, which is the collectible for the game. And if your attentive enough you should be able to find the cassette tape which unlocks a extremely difficult version of the level.

After that you continue to climb the mountain and collect all the strawberries and cassettes you can. Eventually you reach the top of the mountain after a grueling and tough trip and a sense of accomplishment rushes over you and you feel an urge to play more.

As you continue to play you’ll be challenged with even tougher levels. With practice you’ll beat the odds and progress through even the most difficult levels. 

On a scale of one to 10, I give it a 8.5.

It’s is an amazing game that is sure to keep you busy for a long period of time and is sure to impress those who need a tough platformer to keep them busy.