By Dylan Miller

All Eighth grade students at White Oak Middle School had the opportunity to meet the counselors they will get for their entire high school career. The counselors, Monica Pearce and Debby Deck, talked about high school and the opportunities students will have. They told them to be serious about selecting their classes and make sure to pick the ones they really want, so schedules can be planned accordingly.  

Students were given  a folder in which they circled which classes they wanted in their freshman schedule. There were a total of 35 options for the next school year. It allowed students to choose classes they felt the most comfortable with.

“I’m taking Pre-AP Geometry, Biology, and Pre-AP English 1,” eighth grader Garrett Cook said. “I’m a little nervous for next year because those classes sound hard. Even though I think they’ll be hard, I’m exciting to move onto high school next year. My favorite class next year will probably be Journalism.”

When students move to high school many doors will open up for them. For example, they could take Animal Science, Audio Visual, Finance/Accounting, Information Technology, Animation, Business Management and Administration, Fashion design, Floral and Landscape Design, Welding, Foreign Language, and Fine Arts.

“I didn’t want to take any Pre-AP classes for next year,” eighth Grader Abby Quesenberry said, “I thought it was cool being able to choose really good classes for next year.”

Students are excited and nervous about moving forward in their lives and they hope it’s what they enjoy. They are also looking forward to interesting teachers and interesting topics.

“The day was pretty okay,” eighth Grader Kaylei Watkins said. “I chose Business as one of my elective classes as well as my core content.”