By Brianna Beamer

Students enjoyed the first middle school dance in over a decade, taking advantage of dancing, photos, and snacks. Coach Joey Bohn served as the DJ for the event that brought over 150 students to the dance.

Coach Bohn boomed out trendy songs and a couple of classics so the students could get the most out of their first school dance experience. Almost the entire school got on the dance floor when Bohn played Bohemian Rap City.

“Coach Bohn was a pretty good DJ,” Sixth grader Charity Covington said. “He walked in the door wearing his sunglasses. He also used the name (Bohn-Bohn) that we had made up for him during a rap in his class. The songs were fun and he played the Whip and Nae Nae. After all of that, I don’t think I would prefer anyone else DJing than him.”

Students danced with friends, talked with peers, and ate plenty of food. Everyone was involved in some sort of activity.  A photo booth was set up so that the attendees could take memorable pictures for their first official dance.

“I felt very excited dancing with my friends and I really enjoyed the music,” Eighth grader Arianna Maginnis said. “It was really funny when Coach Gillespie started dancing, because it was so crazy seeing him dance like that. I am used to him sitting in the classroom. I was also grateful for the water because I was dancing and it really came in handy whenever I got super thirsty. I liked the amount of chairs at the tables because all my friends could sit with on another. Taking my shoes off was the best part with dancing and jumping with my friends too.”

Student Council worked hard to prepare for the the dance, set up the cafeteria, secured the DJ equipment up, got the food and drinks ready, and made sure everything was clean. Afterwards it was a matter of clean up and putting the tables back together so that students would see normal on Monday.

“I feel like the dance committee did a really good job, and I did feel like they did a good job getting everything together,” StuCo reporter Sidney Anderson said. “It was definitely more organized, they tried to do it last year and it wasn’t as organized as it was this year.”