By Brianna Beamer

For the first time in over a decade, White Oak Middle School is planning a ‘Spring Fling’ dance. The Student Council set the official date for March 3 at 6 p.m. The cost for tickets is $3 each. 

The dance will include a selfie booth with props, including a selfie stick students can hook up to their phones to take pictures with their best friends. 

“The dance is going to have lights,” Student Council President, Lynzi Smith said. “Also, Coach Joey Bohn will be DJ-ing the event so there will be some good music. We’re going to have food and drinks for sell for $1 each and that will help pay for some of the dance expenses. The event will be a semi formal dance, so students can wear regular clothes or dress up.”

Students tried to plan for a event of this magnitude last year, but it did not happen. A group kept bringing the dance topic up in Student Council meetings to make it a reality. 

“I think it’s cool ,because I have never been to a school dance,” eighth grader Abigail Quesenberry said. “It’s exciting. I’ll probably go with my friends. It’s going to be a fun experience.”