By Karson Lott

As a special project in social studies, eighth grade students wrote letters to the soldiers at war, in their U.S. History class. Teacher Steve Gillispie knew through conversations with his son how meaningful the letters would be.

With 138, the students learned to honor the soldiers that give them the opportunity to come to school everyday and live in a free country with their bravery and patriotism. The task brought smiles to many students faces just thinking about how they could impact and lighten up the soldiers holidays.

“This was really important to me because my son is in the Army and he’s told me about the soldiers getting these letters,” Gillispie said. “He says that they all pass them around and smile. It really helps put them in a better mood and not miss home so much around the holidays.”

The addresses were sent to campus Media Specialist Michelle Cooper. She then emailed the list over to Gillispie who added his son’s location to the list and sent the letters off.

“I’m really happy that he chose for us to do this,” Eighth Grader Lynzi Smith said. “A lot of soldiers overseas or just regular soldiers most likely do not get a Christmas. I think that our notes will make them feel good and not miss their family so much. They do so much for this country and we should all wish them a merry Christmas.”