By Andrew Rolland and Ethan Grammer

For the past two weeks the eighth grade Pre-AP Reading classes have been working to make horses for a carousel showcasing their fears and desires.The horses represent two sides–one focusing on fears and the other on desires.

Now that the whole class has completed the assignment, eighth grade ELA teacher, Mrs. Kim Iske has attached each horse to a mini carousel for everyone’s viewing pleasure.

“Since the novel, Something Wicked This Way Comes, has a major focus on a carousel that can make people older or younger according to their desires (which often turns into their greatest fears),” Mrs. Iske said. “I thought it would be a relevant way to symbolically show the classes greatest desires and fears.”

These horses have been created as if they were collages. There are many pictures or drawings of different desires and fears. Some have words and color that represent the person that created them.

“My greatest fears were clowns and zombies and my greatest desires were football, God, baseball, and basketball,” Cayson Sigley said.