By Emma Raney

Sixth grade reading teacher Angie Lobue is taking on an unorthodox method of teaching: an Escape Room. Mrs. Lobue is using this fresh approach to teach the various required TEKs. Lobue has designed two of these clue hunts so far.

“The goal for this was critical thinking, teamwork, and problem solving;” Lobue said, “These are crucial to breaking out.”

Lobue used various methods of giving clues. The students have to find things, solve riddles, work in teams, and even search with blacklights in order to get a combination or key for a lock. For example, she had the class work together in identifying point of view for a directional lock that she put 12 directions into.  

“If they found my list, there was no pop quiz.” Lobue said.

At the beginning of class, Lobue told her students they were having a pop quiz with “only 40 questions.” She then claimed to have lost her list for the day along with the quizzes. Their ‘escape’ was finding the list and being freed of the dreaded exam. On another account, the students got smarties and a clever pun, celebrating Halloween.

“My joy is hearing, ‘That was a blast! When’s the next one?’” Lobue said. “The kids begged.”