By Cameron Russo

As if playing one instrument was not enough, eighth grader Aidan Frazier decided about six months ago to take violin lessons and add a string instrument to his repertoire. Frazier currently plays trumpet in the middle school band and thought taking up a new instrument would be cool.

“One day I thought it would be fun to play the violin, something to do, something to work on,” Frazier said.” So I did it.”

He currently takes private lessons and plays in a yearly concert.

“Although he doesn’t belong to a youth orchestra I’ve heard he’s pretty good,“ Garrett Cook said. “I actually heard him play a few days ago.”

As of now Frazier has only been playing the violin for a short time. Even though he likes the violin, it’s actually not his favorite instrument.  

“The piano is my favorite because of how smooth it sounds,” he said.

Frazier takes violin lessons from Russell Luis of White Oak and he tries to rehearse around two hours a week. His favorite piece to play is Minuet No. 3, and he gets to showcase his talents in a yearly concert at a church in Gilmer in September.