By Kaylee Wilkinson

Angie Lobue went from teaching her stuffed animals as a child to living out her passion as a reading teacher.

“When I was a little girl I would teach my stuffed animals,’’ Lobue said. ”I would sit the animals in a circle and read to them.”

Lobue has had an interest in teaching her whole life. As a kid growing up she wanted to be many other things, but mainly a teacher.

“I feel students can’t learn as well if they don’t feel loved and respected by teachers,’’ Lobue said.

Engaging and caring teachers inspired her love for helping others and making them feel important.

“I love watching the students progress in their understanding of concepts, but making them feel important is one of my biggest things too, ’’ she said.

Her favorite part about being a teacher is of course the students. She loves seeing smiles on their faces when learning or hearing her students say learning is fun. It makes all the hard work worth it.

Lobue enjoys reading and sharing her love of reading with others.

“It’s a privilege to teach a subject that affects children in all subject areas and so many other aspects of their lives,” she said.

Lobue graduated from North Texas State University with her teaching degree. She has been teaching for 23 years, with almost half of those years working out of her home tutoring students who needed the extra support.        

“Helping students realize their potential is huge,” she said.