By Azhure Landers

Student Council has been selling ‘Boo Bags’ as a fundraiser to provide students and teachers with a little cheer for Halloween.

“Boo Bags are basically a bag of candy,” StuCo President Lynzi Smith said. “I personally think it’s awesome. I like candy and the idea made me excited. I think everybody will enjoy a little treat!”

Boo Bags cost $1 each and will be given out on Halloween day. Members are hoping this project will help raise money for their budget so they can do more for the school and community.

“I am super excited about the boo bags,” StuCo member Brianna Beamer said. “I think it is a great thing that we’re doing, now I can give people candy and go Trick-Or-Treating as well.”

Members assembled the bags during lunch so they would be ready to hand out on time. The group hopes that bag recipients will enjoy the small gift so much that the group will have the opportunity to do it again next year.