Compiled By Ethan Grammer and Andrew Rolland

Halloween is tomorrow and if you’re still undecided on what costume to wear, here is a list of five easy and inexpensive ideas.

1. Are you an enthusiast of YouTube? Get a toilet paper tube, write ‘YOU’ on the tube then voilà you’re now YouTube. Or you could make a poster board size tube and create a larger visual effect.

2. Are you a fan of Jason Bourne in the “Bourne Identity”? A simple idea would be to buy some “Hello my name is” stickers and write different names on those stickers and you will be an identity thief!

3. Is there anyone more fashionable than Nickelback? For the low price of a few nickels you can be him. Just take five nickels, clear tape and put them on your shirt back. Now your ‘Nickelback.’

4. Texting is one of the most popular things to do today, so why not turn into your favorite emoji? Just print out several emojis that you like and tape them on a black shirt. Then, you are emoji man/woman.

5. Do you like the Black-Eyed Peas? You could simply cut out construction paper into a “P” and paste it on a white shirt. Then, you grab a black marker and circle one of your eyes with it, then you’re officially a Black-Eyed Pea.
So those are the top 5 picks for last minute halloween costumes. Be safe and have fun on Halloween night.