By Ethan Grammer and Andrew Rolland

For the past two weeks, eighth grade students have been working and creating old Native American houses as a part Coach Steve Gillispie’s U.S. History Class.

“I wanted the classes to learn about the living conditions of the Native Americans and what the early explorers saw when they arrived in the Americas,”Gillispie said

The requirements for this project were to build either an adobe house, an igloo, or a longhouse. Students were asked to use everyday household items to make the houses. Some students used their creativity and included sticks and pine needles in their project.

“It was fun because I was able to build an igloo using any type of material I wanted to,” eighth grader Yasmin Yanez said. “I chose to use Starburst candy. It really gave me a visual of what an igloo looks like in real life.” 

Earlier this week, three second grade classrooms visited the library to see the houses on display. There were questions and smiles on the second grader’s faces as they made their way through the library.

“They’re good and tall,” second grader Levi Dryer said. “I like the materials.”

Students were surprised to see so many variations of the creative projects.

“I liked the one made of Starbursts,” second grader Destiny Adams said. “I think they could use more color though.”