By Sidney Anderson & Garrett Cook

Approximately 50 middle school and high school students gathered at the See You At The Pole event on September 27, 2017. The day of prayer is a campus tradition that is still going strong for students at both campuses.

For 25 years, See You At The Pole, has been about one simple act–prayer. It’s a day committed to global unity in Christ and prayer for this generation.

“It’s good to just talk about God sometimes,” eighth grader Caleb Orms said, “Sometimes you just need a little Jesus.”

The tradition of See You At The Pole at WOMS has improved every year with more teachers and students attending.

“I love to see our students praying for their peers, teachers and different things that are going on in our world today,” FCA Sponsor Amy Heim said. “See You at the Pole allows students to put God back in school and keep Him as their main focus.  Every year there seems to be more and more students that come to fellowship.”  

Making up a large percent of attendees was girls athletics, who came from workout to attend the event.  

“I thought it was really cool that all these Christians got together and prayed over our school, country, and our teachers,” seventh grade  athlete Trinity Noll said.