By Karson Lott

Although he wanted to be an astronaut growing up, life lead Steve Gillispie to be the coach and teacher that we know today.

Gillispie has been teaching for 22 years and says he definitely has a passion for it. He moved to White Oak because of the great things he had heard about the students, administration and community.

“I had heard great things about White Oak ISD and was fortunate enough to land a position at the middle school,” Gillispie said. “I am so glad to be here.”

Gillispie has a heart for both teaching and coaching and wants to make a difference in kids lives. As far as the coaching side of things, he says his favorite sport is baseball, but he also likes to coach football too.

“I really love this profession and I like to tell my kids, good job,” he said. “Students seem to look forward to hearing the positive in life.”

His favorite thing about teaching is seeing how the students change throughout the years and to see how much they’ve grown from the time he had them to when they graduate.

“Basically, I love teaching and I really enjoy the kids,” Gillispie said. “I want to help them become lifelong learners and when students come back to see me it’s a special time. I wanted them to know they could prosper.”